God Save The King

Steff, Milo, and Gareth discuss our win over Palace, King Harry’s horny headers, broken records, youth gone wild, and the damn fine job Ryan Mason is doing…we also bid a fond farewell to a pod favourite as a first-team regular. Plenty of tactically fluid conversation to enjoy, so go on then!


Steff, Milo, and Ram play it as fast and loose as a ‘last 20 mins 5 forwards on the pitch’ Tottenham Hotspur v Bournemouth at the new Lane, complete with bizarre, exciting tangents, and definitive context and answers! We also make very, very, clear why the bullying and booing of Davinson Sanchez was not just a disgrace, but does deep damage to the club’s future managerial prospects. Serious therapy with some fun in there. We’d have it no other way?…

A Ton For Son

Milo and Steff look back at the 2-1 win over Brighton, analyse Ivan Perisic’s highlights, ponder whether the calm and collected De Zerbi would be right for Spurs, celebrate Sonny, and have a discussion about the appt of Scott Munn…which if you’re listening at the start of the week means this is a Munn-day pod! Which way is the exit?…

The Greatest

Steff, Milo and Gareth discuss record-breaking Harry Kane, another defeat of Man City, why the staff must start preparing iced towels and breathing exercises in the 28th minute, and the stone cold fact that however much you try to intellectualize it, Pep’s just a knob. Enjoy!

An Elephant In The Room

For the first pod of 2023, Steff, Milo, and Ricky explore the various turbulences and issues swirling around Spurs as we look back at the matches against Aston Villa and Brentford. Souffles, Sophia Loren, Nandos, omelettes, it’s all part of the discussion as we try to figure out what is going on. It’s Specials, trust us…

Derbies and Dystopia

Steff, Milo and Gareth look back the summer transfer window, the draw at West Ham and the win over Fulham, eulogise the life-force that is Richarlison, and realize that next week’s match against Man City is actually a battle between cyberpunkish good (the aforementioned Richy) versus cyborg Bond villain Evil (Haaland). We also wonder if we’re too old to get away with Richy’s hair (not Milo or Gareth, just, err, Steff). 10 minute sin bin for him anyone?

The Late Show

Steff, Ricky and Gareth discuss the week that was, transfer news, The Rockford Files, who’d be the great DJs in Spurs squad history, the new third kit…oh, and some little matter in West London involving Spurs at Chelsea, even though there wasn’t much of note to discuss…you know the score. Don’t mess with Antonio when you shake his hand, or something like that…