Top Of The Flops

Steff and Milo discuss six Tottenham transfers that didn’t work out; Tanguy Ndombele, Roberto Soldado, Sergiy Rebrov, David Bentley, Paulinho, and Helder Postiga. Is it fair to label them ‘flops’? Are all transfers a gamble? Were there mitigating reasons why these transfers didn’t work out? All this and the latest news and transfer rumours.

Is There Too Much Football?

Steff, Milo, and Gareth tackle the topic of whether there’s too much football or not and what the related realities, implications and potential solutions are. We also look back at what has been a busy week in the Spurs world, as well as advocate for nipple awareness in the world of replica shirts.

Season Review 23/34

This week it’s our season review and annual awards! You’ll hear Steff, Milo, and Ram evaluate our season with a series of shrewd observations, honest reflections on key moments, and nobody trying to weasel out of what they got wrong. All in all this one’s packed with great vibes – much like Ange’s first season. All aboard…

Men With Ven

Steff, Milo, and Gareth discuss our win over Burnley, Micky van de Ven winning games and player of the season awards, and the growth in both Spurs Women and the U21s who have both enjoyed a season of tremendous growth. We’ll even discuss what we want from Tuesday; isn’t it obvious?


Steff, Milo, and Ram talk bollocks about the North London Derby, discuss why Ben White is a twat, breakdown centimetres in modern football commesurate to arse sizes, discuss why Ben White’s fake tan is a twat, analyse those corners, discuss why we think Ben White is a tosser, declare our undying hatred of the Goons and express our personal belief that this journey is going to end up at an excellent destination, AND why Cuti Romero is our player of the season. Tis therapy with a grimace and a grin, join us…

Taupe Haze On The Tyne

Steff, Milo, and Ricky reflect on getting taupedoed on Tyneside, why the panic is unwarranted, where we are in the football gym process (metaphorically!), and take a look at our final 6 matches. We also rejoice in the fact that surely that ‘shirt’ has seen its last appearance!