Cheeky Dinkers

Steff, Ram and Gareth look back at the controlled 2-0 victory over Everton, the keystone chaos of our 3-2 win over Frankfurt in the CL, how Pierre-Emile Højbjerg is a bit of a peaky blinder with his cheeky dinkers and ask whether all Danish footballers are insane hard men, question Adidas’s balls AND discuss one of the worst referees we’ve seen in Europe. You know what to do…

Getting Back Eintracht

After a tech nightmare wiped out last Sunday’s record, Steff, Milo and Ricky engage in a gremlin-crushing double-headed review of our matches against Eintracht Frankfurt and Arsenal. We discuss the current system of play, chance creation, and what is currently missing (clue – ginger and Swedish)…it’s basically a live record so tune in now!