Season Review 23/34

This week it’s our season review and annual awards! You’ll hear Steff, Milo, and Ram evaluate our season with a series of shrewd observations, honest reflections on key moments, and nobody trying to weasel out of what they got wrong. All in all this one’s packed with great vibes – much like Ange’s first season. All aboard…

Season Review 22/23

This week ’tis The Game Is About Glory Season Review 2022/23, where Steff, Milo, and Ram bring light, laughter, and also some deep frustration to the table as we look back on what went wrong. There’s also our end of season awards, and yes, a spot of gloating at the Woolwich bottle factory. It’s as mad as imagining Eric Dier bee-keeping…wait a minute…

Midseason Review

Steff, Milo, and Gareth look back over Spurs season thus far with a comprehensive mini-review. Amidst the waves of praise for Bentancur, Kulusevski and Kane, we will also explore whether Wilfred Owen really did write a poem about this period in our history, whether Lucas has a future with us, and find ourselves walking down memory Lane as we look back on the career of Super Aaron Lennon. Did we also mention that FIFA are w*nkers?

Season Review – 2021/22

This week we review our 2021/22 season. Steff, Ram, Ricky and Milo look back at the journey from Nuno to Antonio and all the details within. We also have our second annual awards, the Glory Glenns, as we also ponder the glorious cult ascendance of Emerson Royal. There’s lots to sink into so what are you waiting for?

Rodgers and Out

Oh no! The season is over! But fear not, Steff, Moby, Gareth and Ram (with interruptions from Tilly and Milo) get stuck into the lovely, final day smashing of “the people’s club”, address who has the greenest thumb, AND unveil the inaugural The Game Is About Glory Awards, with the lucky recipients receiving the mighty, much coveted Glory Glenn! Plus we revisit Dier’s doo-doo and Moby revels in the misery of his neighbours…there’s a ton more so don’t waste time, start listening now!