The Difference Makers

This week Steff, Milo, Ram and Ricky discuss the historic moment that they met at the Lane for a day out against the Villa, whether Dele’s in a dead-end alley, how the Son always shines brightest and who Amy Winehouse lovingly referred to as ‘Elvis’ regularly. All this and Milo reveals he wishes Steff had petted him with the same vigour as he employed on the bomb sniffing spaniel by Northumberland Park; whiskey business! Don’t deny yourselves the pleasure…

Jimmy Greaves, Chelsea and Nuno’s Perfect 11

This week, Steff, Ricky and Milo take a moment to reflect on one of the greatest strikers ever, Jimmy Greaves. Try to make sense to make sense of why the injury and travel curse seems to be enjoying THFC so much, work out what is going on inside Nuno’s head and how he might want to play going forward this season. If you want a ‘knees-up-Geezer-slagfest’ don’t bother sticking around! We will also pay tribute to using trash and eating veggie pies. Oh, and someone tries a French Nuno accent to great effect…always look on the bright side of life!

Rodgers and Out

Oh no! The season is over! But fear not, Steff, Moby, Gareth and Ram (with interruptions from Tilly and Milo) get stuck into the lovely, final day smashing of “the people’s club”, address who has the greenest thumb, AND unveil the inaugural The Game Is About Glory Awards, with the lucky recipients receiving the mighty, much coveted Glory Glenn! Plus we revisit Dier’s doo-doo and Moby revels in the misery of his neighbours…there’s a ton more so don’t waste time, start listening now!