Tactics, Passion and Projects

This week, Steff, Simon, Milo and Awesome play ketchup with the Conte regime and the spicey 2-1 win against Leeds at White Hot Lane. We also delve into the concept of project building versus instant-grat with football teams today. Will Tottenham ever build ‘a project’ again, or are we on the supercharged highway seeking instant success? All this and a message for the boo-boys.

The Difference Makers

This week Steff, Milo, Ram and Ricky discuss the historic moment that they met at the Lane for a day out against the Villa, whether Dele’s in a dead-end alley, how the Son always shines brightest and who Amy Winehouse lovingly referred to as ‘Elvis’ regularly. All this and Milo reveals he wishes Steff had petted him with the same vigour as he employed on the bomb sniffing spaniel by Northumberland Park; whiskey business! Don’t deny yourselves the pleasure…