Season Review – 2021/22

This week we review our 2021/22 season. Steff, Ram, Ricky and Milo look back at the journey from Nuno to Antonio and all the details within. We also have our second annual awards, the Glory Glenns, as we also ponder the glorious cult ascendance of Emerson Royal. There’s lots to sink into so what are you waiting for?

Mid-Season Review

As we near the half-way point of the season, Steff, Milo and Gareth chat about how it’s gone so far and pick their best game, goal, young player, most improved player and our player of the season so far. We also look forward to January and say who we would have heading for the door and what positions we would prioritise to improve. 

Back To The Future

This week’s pod allows you to go back in time to a match when we had a lovely man swimming out of his depth with a school of his own fish seemingly unwilling to lift a fin or exert a gil (not Bryan!) for club or him. Listen back to our reflections of this dark river moment, knowing that in the end he was rescued and his old school fed a Michelin star diet!!!! Basically, tis a look back at Nuno’s last game sort of in charge against Man U. Listen in and see if we called it the way you saw it…

Emergency Pod: Nuno’s Sacking and Conte’s Appointment

Emergency! Emergency! Tottenham have sacked a manager and are on the verge of appointing another. Steff, Milo, Ricky and Gareth stop what they’re doing and discuss Nuno’s exit, Antonio’s impending entrance and Paratici’s role in it all…it’s fast, it’s loose, it’s life as a Spurs supporter!

Plumbers and Draughtsmen

It’s our 50th episode!

What do Jayne Mansfield, Harry Winks, Dudley Moore, Nuno and Steve Bruce all have in common? Tune in to this week’s The Game Is About Glory to find out. Plus Milo, Ram and Steff look back at the games against West Ham and Vitesse, plus the week that was, which all become one continual flow of congruent conversation, debate and analysis. Go on; you know you must…

A Bad Plan, Poorly Executed

This week Steff, Gareth and Milo try to make holistic sense of what happened at the Deathstar. Oh, and Kenneth Branagh introduced proceedings with his best Brian Blessed impression and Harry Dean Stanton drops some heavy philosophy too. You know you can’t resist such aural therapy…

Jimmy Greaves, Chelsea and Nuno’s Perfect 11

This week, Steff, Ricky and Milo take a moment to reflect on one of the greatest strikers ever, Jimmy Greaves. Try to make sense to make sense of why the injury and travel curse seems to be enjoying THFC so much, work out what is going on inside Nuno’s head and how he might want to play going forward this season. If you want a ‘knees-up-Geezer-slagfest’ don’t bother sticking around! We will also pay tribute to using trash and eating veggie pies. Oh, and someone tries a French Nuno accent to great effect…always look on the bright side of life!

Palace Pain and Sonny Delight

On this week’s pod, Steff, Milo, Gareth and Awesome look back at one of the greatest US Open tennis stories ever, evaluate the injury list at White Hart Lane, discuss the mighty Son Heung-min, ponder whether his Dad is in the running for father of the year, and Steff admits publicly to Milo he was wrong about how to say ‘Royal’…we might also discuss 22 men kicking a ball last Saturday, well, 11 at least…tune in for the shenanigans.

Trading Places

This week, The Game Is About Glory revels in Pep losing yet another game to the mighty Tottenham, the might of Tanganga, the nous of Nuno, the window, the elephant in the room, orange futures, blue & yellow, La la la la la la la la la la la Van der Vaart, Rafa Van Der Vaart…yes, it was THAT sort of day! So join Steff, Milo, Ricky and Ram for the joyous aural vibes!

Hey Cuti

In this, the last pre-season pod of the summer, Steff, Milo, Ricky and Luton look back at our Mind Series games against the Goons and Chelsea, preview the season ahead and shove their neck out with a series of stunningly accurate predictions, including our forthcoming victory against Man City next weekend. You heard it here first…