Steff, Milo, and Ram look back at the what’s been happening in the Euros, ponder how hirsute Southgate might or might not be, and enjoy a detailed deep dive into substitutes – how they’re perceived, how they’re used, and how the role is being redefined in the modern game. Oh, and Milo breaks out a new terrace chant!

Who Is Running Spurs Transfer Window?

Milo and Steff get into how the structure of our backroom staff has changed and what it means for transfer activities, we’ll take a peek at the Euros so far, and report back on the week that was for N17 related news.

Top Of The Flops

Steff and Milo discuss six Tottenham transfers that didn’t work out; Tanguy Ndombele, Roberto Soldado, Sergiy Rebrov, David Bentley, Paulinho, and Helder Postiga. Is it fair to label them ‘flops’? Are all transfers a gamble? Were there mitigating reasons why these transfers didn’t work out? All this and the latest news and transfer rumours.

Is There Too Much Football?

Steff, Milo, and Gareth tackle the topic of whether there’s too much football or not and what the related realities, implications and potential solutions are. We also look back at what has been a busy week in the Spurs world, as well as advocate for nipple awareness in the world of replica shirts.

Squad Review

Steff, Milo and Ricky review the current squad and decide who stays, who goes and who we loan out to make it perfect for Postecoglou. We also find out that one person still believes in Tanguy, and that one person still gets the new shirt every year with their name! It would be unfair to name, before you hear it for yourself, so on you go, dive into the most progressive Spurs pod around!!!

An Elephant In The Room

For the first pod of 2023, Steff, Milo, and Ricky explore the various turbulences and issues swirling around Spurs as we look back at the matches against Aston Villa and Brentford. Souffles, Sophia Loren, Nandos, omelettes, it’s all part of the discussion as we try to figure out what is going on. It’s Specials, trust us…