A Shoe In

Steff, Milo and Gareth discuss our return to the Champions League against Marseille, UEFA’s taste for expenses, expensive loafers, the disgraceful behaviour of Marseille’s ‘supporters’ AND why the Manager of The Month curse is actually a load of old bollocks. There’s more, trust us, and yes, the Richarlison love in continues…

Derbies and Dystopia

Steff, Milo and Gareth look back the summer transfer window, the draw at West Ham and the win over Fulham, eulogise the life-force that is Richarlison, and realize that next week’s match against Man City is actually a battle between cyberpunkish good (the aforementioned Richy) versus cyborg Bond villain Evil (Haaland). We also wonder if we’re too old to get away with Richy’s hair (not Milo or Gareth, just, err, Steff). 10 minute sin bin for him anyone?

Hats Off To Harry

Milo and Steff are joined by special guest, Caroline Stefko, of N17 Women and the Spurs Across The Pond newsletter to look back at our win over Nottingham Forest, ponder what is shit-housing versus genius, discusses ‘that’ assist, and revel in the joys of consistent drinking. We even find the only true words of coherent genius Pete Doherty managed as a Libertine, and that’s a fact.

Seoul Brothers

Steff, Ram and Milo look back at the highly successful South Korean tour, evaluate the week’s rumours, ponder punchable faces in footy, find out Milo’s favourite jersey for the 2022/23 season and connect the dots as to why the away shirt might have been designed to look aquatic. Inspect that turf Richy and do it twice a game near the area…or something like that.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Steff, Milo and Ram dive deep into the last week of summer Spurs activity, from the fixture list for 2022/23, to the signing of Yves Bissouma, to the increasing amount of exciting transfer rumours and all manner of matters in between. We also take a long look at the dynamo that is Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, debut our ‘What’s Dier Done’ weekly update, look forward to Amazon’s forthcoming All Or Nothing series, and Milo discovers we’ve all been saying Nicolas Bendtner’s name wrong. Tune in to hear it said properly!

Football Utopia

Steff, Milo and Gareth dive into that impossible dream of football utopia to imagine a better game where fans are looked after and financial parity rules. From bargain days, transfer taxes, and the return of Saturdays, we discuss, debate and dream of ch-ch-changes with plenty of levity and laughs. We also chat about the latest transfer rumours, signings, departures, Spurs players on international duty and everything else that has happened over the last week; who said summer lacked The Beautiful Game?!