We’ll Take More Care Of You

Steff, Gareth and Milo catch up on the latest from the World Cup, England’s exit, taking care of Harry Kane, which games we’ve enjoyed and who we think will win. We also have an actual Spurs game to discuss in our friendly against Motherwell. Was this a long delayed Anglo Scottish Cup Final, picket fence appreciation, and who enhanced their first team chances.

Conte’s First Year

This week’s pod was going to be simple; Steff, Milo, and Ram were going to discuss the latest World Cup action, as well as Antonio Conte’s first year in charge. Which they did. But it also includes Steff & Poch Together, a story in Jilly Cooper style read with a filthy pornographer’s voice, Milo’s dinner with Antonio, and some serious all round bottage which had Ram asking if our pod futures were at risk? When Milo’s VAR bot is unleashed upon the world, it might end us all. Tune in now, just in case…

No Spurs, No Problem

Steff, Milo and Ricky dive into the World Cup, discuss how our Spurs lads are doing with their respective countries, and end up in a full and frank chortle-filled chinwag about crimes against football…let’s just say, half and half scarf owners have only ONE excuse in our court of justice. Trust us when we say this week’s pod is a massive, spectacular gooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll

Chasing Leeds

Steff, Milo, and Ram dive into the annual TGIAG AGM, the total chaos of our 4-3 win over Leeds, selfies with Deki, and a night out in Nottingham – cobs and all. We’ll also discuss who might need this upcoming break the most? Answers in a Mastodon post, and if you don’t know how to, Milo has the answers. Needs are as needs Musk eh?!!!

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Steff, Milo and Simon discuss Dejan Kulusevski and how integral he is to all Spurs do (this after briefly discussing his Irish cousin Declan O’Kulusevski). In The Week That Was we look at the international break so far and how the quadruple is a foregone conclusion. All this and the revelation that one of these pod hacks has lucky underwear in the form of Pierre Pants…don’t be too tough on Milo and his superstitions as you listen in!