Emergency Pod: Nuno Espírito Santo

STOP PRESS: Steff, Milo, Gareth and Ricky convene for an emergency pod to welcome Nuno Espirito Santo as our new manager, discuss the appointment from several angles AND determine that Jorges Mendes is all Scribes and less Faces. It’ll make sense when you tune in – as you will in 3-2-1

Recorded on the hoof, so apologies for ropey sound.

BONUS EPISODE – Toffee Spurs

Saved from the cutting room floor, earlier this season Steff, Milo, Ram and Ricky had a chat about some players who played for both Spurs and Everton. We rabbited on too long about the game, ESL and a load of other stuff and to include this in the Everton pod that we released back on 20th April. This was recorded the night that the ESL announcement was made and the day before Mourinho was sacked. It feels a long time ago now but it was a fun chat and we thought that you might like to hear it.