O Captain! My Captain!

This week, on The Game Is About Glory we discuss racism in football and what YOU can do to help kick it out, look back at the Euro 2020 Final and have an entertaining natter about those titanic, totemic team figureheads, the captain! Do we like them pointy-shouty or cool, calm and controlled? Find out with Steff, Ram, Awesome, Gareth and because we dragged him in at the end, Milo.

Euros and Villains

This week Steff, Milo, Ricky and Gareth delve into the ever-evolving excitement of the Euros for England, take a look at the pantomime and real villains who (dis?)grace our game, in the process learning why one of our team harbours a deep disgust at that loud wildman Ben Foster! And can you guess who shouted ‘w*nker’ at someone repeatedly for 90 mins? Bet you can’t! Laughs? Oh yes, there’s a few. Turn on, tune in, enjoy pod…

The Ruling Class

Dynamic Danes, favourable France and (errr) enigmatic England. Steff, Milo and Awesome Dawson go into the Euro 2020 tournament thus far and delivers some thoughts. We also decided to improve the game of football by bringing necessary new rules to the game, and you contributed too! So two balls and bigger goals it is then! Tune in for this tomfoolery now!