WTF is going on with the new manager hunt? It has been the elephant in our beloved Tottenham’s room for some time now, so Ram, Gareth, Milo and Steff decide to go full Sherlock Holmes and try to separate the wheat from the chaff aka the bullshit from the truth. We try -as ever- to see all sides, but crikey, sometimes it’s really, really hard to do so!

Hipsters’ Choice

This week Steff, Milo, Gareth and Ricky look back at the 2-0 win over Wolves, unveil Pierre Emile Hojberg’s new position, create the ultimate Spurs manager (and kindly do the same for our fake neighbours in their time of need) whilst starting to go potty over the incoming man. All this, plus an appreciation of Europe’s only “real” working-class anti-cash true tournament plus an unexpected appreciation of “VAR my Lord, VAR…”