Plumbers and Draughtsmen

It’s our 50th episode!

What do Jayne Mansfield, Harry Winks, Dudley Moore, Nuno and Steve Bruce all have in common? Tune in to this week’s The Game Is About Glory to find out. Plus Milo, Ram and Steff look back at the games against West Ham and Vitesse, plus the week that was, which all become one continual flow of congruent conversation, debate and analysis. Go on; you know you must…

Nuno Gets A Toon Out Of Tottenham

This week, Milo, Ricky, Gareth and Steff look back at a very satisfying match against the latest Premiership loadsamonies, look at what the new ownership at Newcastle represents, try to figure out how it could be allowed and discuss what the ‘red line’ would be for us with regards to the status of someone/somenation buying our club. You will also learn what we had for breakfast; Gareth is a rebel.

The Statues Game

This week, Steff, Milo, Gareth and Awesome look lightly at the whole idea of honouring legendary club figures with statues or stand names. Do we keep it simple or go full Dismaland like the Woolwich Wanderers? Also, Serge Aurier’s belated love letter and yes, we have built a brand new arena! Is it a megadome or some old trainers shoved together? Easy answer, right? Nothing’s easy in THFC life, so tune in for all the answers and more.

The Difference Makers

This week Steff, Milo, Ram and Ricky discuss the historic moment that they met at the Lane for a day out against the Villa, whether Dele’s in a dead-end alley, how the Son always shines brightest and who Amy Winehouse lovingly referred to as ‘Elvis’ regularly. All this and Milo reveals he wishes Steff had petted him with the same vigour as he employed on the bomb sniffing spaniel by Northumberland Park; whiskey business! Don’t deny yourselves the pleasure…

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