The Ruling Class

Dynamic Danes, favourable France and (errr) enigmatic England. Steff, Milo and Awesome Dawson go into the Euro 2020 tournament thus far and delivers some thoughts. We also decided to improve the game of football by bringing necessary new rules to the game, and you contributed too! So two balls and bigger goals it is then! Tune in for this tomfoolery now!


WTF is going on with the new manager hunt? It has been the elephant in our beloved Tottenham’s room for some time now, so Ram, Gareth, Milo and Steff decide to go full Sherlock Holmes and try to separate the wheat from the chaff aka the bullshit from the truth. We try -as ever- to see all sides, but crikey, sometimes it’s really, really hard to do so!

Our Favourite Team Of All Time

Steff, Milo, Ricky and Awesome offer joy and dreams with this definitive Spurs 11 who we have witnessed in the flesh. Ossie or Luka? Keano or Berba? And hear how Souness paid back in the day for fouling Galvin in 1982, at the hand of The Game Is About Glory! And yes, Christian the Lion is in!

Danny…Danny Rose

This week, it’s all about Danny Rose as Steff, Ram, Gareth and Awesome pay tribute to a genuine Tottenham Hotspur legend. From thunderbolts to nutmegs, we cover Danny’s career in detail while also discussing some of the issues he dealt with as a human being. Join us for this heartfelt reflection on the mighty Danny…Danny Rose.

BONUS EPISODE – Toffee Spurs

Saved from the cutting room floor, earlier this season Steff, Milo, Ram and Ricky had a chat about some players who played for both Spurs and Everton. We rabbited on too long about the game, ESL and a load of other stuff and to include this in the Everton pod that we released back on 20th April. This was recorded the night that the ESL announcement was made and the day before Mourinho was sacked. It feels a long time ago now but it was a fun chat and we thought that you might like to hear it.

Squad Review

Steff, Ricky, Ram and Milo answer General Levy’s call and sit down to judge who stays and is expendable from our first team squad. From Bale to Kane, from Davies to Sess, our committee shows the world the way things ought to go down with our player pool, and is rewarded with a tenner off in the shop and a harness-free stroll around the stadium roof.

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